New World Order

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New World Order

The term New World Order describes a network of large corporations that are working together to take control of every country on the planet in order to bring every human being alive under the control of a totalitarian, one world government. This section will describe the individuals and corporations that are involved with planning on how to accomplish this goal and who have already carried out certain parts of their plan. The overall plan is very well advanced as is evident by the extreme loss of freedom and rights that Americans used to enjoy. Laws such as the Patriot Act continue to advance us towards a New World Order. This process must be stopped and the Republic of the United States of America must be restored so that it operates according to the values our Founders originally established that allowed this country to become the most successful and freest country in the world.

This video of George Carlin is more of a truthful explanation of how the real world works than a joke. He basically describes in a nut shell what the New World Order is.

This is a video of a presentation by Alex Jones where he describes what the New World Order is and the plan of the New World Order to destroy America and bring it under the control of a dictatorial world government.

The New World Order will use Clergy Response Teams to assist in gun confiscation.

Do you know how to properly handle a traffic stop? Do you know what your rights are? Eddie Craig with Rule of Law Radio is an excellent source for learning what your rights are and how to protect them. He teaches what to say and what not to say to a police officer if you are ever pulled over by one. ALL Americans should spend more time learning what their rights are so they can be better citizens and help keep the government from doing things that it shouldn't be doing so it will focus on the things that it should be doing which is PROTECTING OUR RIGHTS AND OUR PROPERTY.