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U.S. Advancing Towards a Cashless Society

July 23, 2013
Jim Merritt

The United States of America and the rest of the world are steadily advancing towards a cashless (digital money instead of paper money) society. The advantages of a cashless society for the government far outweigh the advantages gained by the people. Sure, it may be convenient for some people to use credit or debit cards instead of cash for most of their purchases but is it wise for the American people to accept making every transaction in a cashless manor? What does this do for the concept of the garage sale or paying the high school kid next door a few bucks to watch your children for a few hours while you take your spouse out to dinner? Are we to bump cell phones together or log onto a web site to transfer our digital cash between each other? How many people consider what a cashless society would do as far as privacy is concerned?

The government and the Federal Reserve System would love nothing more than to be able to put the finishing touches on their private, central banking system than to totally get rid of coins and paper cash and switch over to a 100% cashless system. For the most part the technology is already there. Almost everyone has a cell phone and each year they become more and more sophisticated. Nielson reported that in 2011 40% of all cell phones used in the U.S. by people 18 years or older were smart phones. Within the next 5-10 years there is a high probability that all cell phones in use will be of the smart phone type. For people that cannot afford cell phones the federal government already has a program that supplies government subsidized cell phones that have recently become to be known as "Obama phones". I'm sure if it is in the best interest of the government for everyone to have smart phones in their possession they will find a way to make those of more fortunate means pay for phones for people of less fortunate means, a process known as wealth redistribution by some.

Smart phones are more than capable of running applications that can transfer money from one person to another. Chase Bank already has a smart phone application that you can use to transfer money between one person and another. Is it any coincidence that one of the first banks to produce a smart phone application to transfer digital money between people is a major shareholder of the Federal Reserve System? Is there any doubt that the government is keeping track of every digital, monetary transaction made with these phones? The recent release of national security information by Edward Snowden has shown that the government unquestionably has access to and keeps a record of every phone call made and every text and email message sent. Is there any reason to believe that they will not have access to the monetary transactions made on these smart phone devices? If you actually believe that the government is going to mind its own business and respect your privacy on this issue then I have some ocean front property in Arizona to sell you to quote a popular county song.

There are several examples of recent events to show that there is a relentless attack being carried out on the use of paper cash to force a shift to a complete, digital currency system. The State of Louisiana actually passed a law in 2011 that bans the use of cash for second hand transactions. So the garage sale and paying the baby sitter have already been done away with in this state unless you allow the government to keep track of what you are doing and provide the appropriate paperwork to accompany the cash transaction. And can someone legally watch another person's child without being a registered day care provider? You see where this is going. Switching to a cashless society means the government will have almost total control over every sector of the economy. No more side work for electricians and plumbers. If you get paid for doing work using your cell phone and you don't have a trade license is the government going to fine you for license and permit violations? If you pay the kid next door to mow your lawn are you going to have to pay for workers compensation insurance first through the state? If you use your cell phone or some other type of digital currency exchange method to make and accept payments for the type of things just mentioned the secondary effects that were also mentioned could someday become a reality.

Just last year in 2012 the federal government came up with a national security program called CAT (Communities Against Terrorism) and as part of this program the federal government distributed flyers to local businesses that contained a list of things that should be considered as being suspicious and a possible terrorist threat. One of the items on the list was actually using cash to pay for items at a store. Yes that’s right. If you stop at the local coffee shop pay for your $2.50 coffee with cash you may be turned into the authorities as being a potential terrorist threat. Give me a break.

Another way to pay for things without using traditional coins or paper money that is already widely in use is made possible by the company Pay-Pal. By linking your bank account or credit cards to Pay-Pal's servers you can use this company to pay for items on web sites or even in stores such as Lowes. There is a lot of talk about everyone having to use implanted RFID chips someday to keep track of our cash instead of using coins, paper money, debit cards or credit cards. For those who believe this will never happen think again because yes, it is already being done in some places. A report issued by Department of Computer Science, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, The Netherlands confirms that three European cities currently have bars and clubs that have customers using implanted (yes I said IMPLANTED) RFID chips to keep track of their tabs.

I strongly recommend that everyone resist the formation of a cashless society because of the privacy nightmare that it is going to create when the government has access to every single financial transaction that people conduct. Very recently the IRS has been caught using the tax system to go after the government's political opponents by selectively enforcing the tax laws and going after conservative groups while leaving left leaning organizations alone. If the federal government were to have access to every last financial transaction it will just make it that much easier for the IRS to selectively enforce the 73,954 pages of tax code (figure reported by Wolters Kluwer). For now I'm personally going to use cash for as many transactions as I can to remain off the spy grid for as long and as much as possible. And for those that agree that we need to resist the move towards a cashless society I recommend we take it one step further and get rid of using paper money backed by nothing of intrinsic value. But that is a whole different argument for a later time!

New World Order News

February 3, 2013
Jim Merritt

This news section will contain articles that pertain to the concept of the New World Order and who is involved with the diabolic plan to form a dictatorial world government ran by the technocratic elite. If the New World Order gets their way over 80-90% of the world's population will be eliminated. Only a small percentage of those that are allowed to survive in the new era will compose of the ruling class. The rest will be forced to live as slaves to the ruling class. The majority of the people of the world will live under a new type of feudalism tailored for the 21st century. Time is running out for us to stop this hellish plan as many components of it are already complete and in use.

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