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The Battle for Liberty Forum is used to discuss issues relating to the Battle for Liberty. The Battle for Liberty describes what everyday people are doing to fight back against the New World Order agenda. See the section below for examples of topics discussed in this forum.

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Everyone should be focusing on a task(s) that will help protect our freedom and diminish the ability of the New World Order to accomplish their goal of creating a dictatorial world government. An example of a topic on the Battle for Liberty Forum would be for someone to research the problems inherent with the Federal Reserve System and then make a pamphlet to distribute information about the need to End the FED to his or her neighbors. The pamphlet could be posted so that others can make copies of it and pass it out in their own neighborhood. A sub-topic should be created for this purpose. Another example is that someone may be interested in finding people that want to remove fluoride from their local municipal water supply. People can talk about what they are doing to inform their city councils about the issue and hopefully get them to vote on removing fluoride from the water supply. Another example is that someone may be interested in having their state legislature pass a law to allow carried concealed weapons permit holders to carry their firearm inside of a school and repeal the gun free zone law. This forum should be used to get people together to work toward common causes so things can get done. Learning about the principles of freedom and liberty is the first step and the second is to take action. The forums are available so people can take action.

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