Forum - New World Order

The New World Order forum is here to discuss issues related to what the New World Order is and its agenda to create a one world government.  See the section below for examples of topics discussed in this forum.

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Examples of topics for the New World Order forum.

  1. The use of fluoride in the drinking water to reduce people’s IQ and health.
  2. The use of RFID chips to track people’s locations, spending habits, possessions, etc.
  3. The use of microphones and cameras to watch and track people.
  4. The use of loyalty cards to track people’s spending habits and personal information.
  5. The police state and the use of paramilitary police forces.
  6. Agenda 21 issues.  The scheme of forcing people to live in small units in the cities.  The substitution of private transportation for public transportation.  The installation of smart meters to monitor and control appliances in your house.  The installation of public Wi-Fi systems to assist in tracking your electronic devices.  Taking people’s land to build bike paths, parks, etc. (non-essential items).
  7. The use of propaganda to mold people into citizens of the collective.
  8. Issues related to the main stream media outlets and how the main stream media is used to advance the agenda of the New World Order.
  9. The use of the educational system to mold children into citizens of the collective.
  10. The use of video games to advance the New World Order agenda.
  11. The plan of the elites to dramatically reduce the world’s population.
  12. The use of vaccines to reduce population and the IQ of people.
  13. The use of GMO foods to reduce population by causing sterility.
  14. The relationship between the central bankers and the military industrial complex.
  15. Groups such as The Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission and The Bilderberg Group that meet to conspire to build a one-world government.
  16. Geo-engineering projects such as the use of chemtrails and HARP systems to control the weather.
  17. The government’s use of mind control projects to create people that will kill / assassinate other people.
  18. The government’s use of the medical industry to control population by withholding medical technology or creating bureaucracies such as ObamaCARE that have “death panels” to mandate that doctors withhold care from the elderly in the name of saving the young and productive members of the collective.
  19. The government performing cruel medical experiments on people to advance New World Order medical systems or military biological weapons.
  20. The attacks of 9/11 and the government’s use of it as an excuse to build a police state.
  21. The governments use of false flag attacks other than 9/11 to advance their agenda.

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