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The Constitution Forum is a forum to discuss issues relating to the Constitution and making sure that the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America is restored and once again operates under the principles of a limited government and respects the unalienable rights of the people that were given to them by GOD. See the section below for examples of what topics should be discussed in the Constitution Forum.

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The Constitution Forum is a forum for people to discuss matters directly relating to the U.S. Constitution.  An example of a topic to discuss on this forum is the constitutionality of a bill that is currently in or being proposed by Congress or a law that has already been approved by Congress and signed by the president.   People can use this forum to explain why a certain bill or law either is or is not constitutional.   If you are going to debate whether a certain bill or law is or is not constitutional please cite the section of the Constitution in question.  You are also encouraged to give any references to Supreme Court or other lower court decisions to further support your argument.

If a certain section of the Constitution, such as the Second Amendment, is under attack people can discuss what they are doing to fight back.  You can also give feedback on elected government servants that are either supporting or working against the principles of a Constitutional Republic by supporting or going against the Constitution and the principles of freedom and liberty.

People can discuss any news that relates to the Constitution. Another good topic of discussion for this forum is state’s rights and what states are doing to limit the power of the federal government.  People can also discuss encroachments by the federal government on the rights of the states and what the federal government is doing to take more power away from the states.  When discussing the balance of powers between the states and the federal government please give a reference to a section of the Constitution that supports your case.

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